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The Falklands Conflict Quarter Sovereign – They have the right to live in peace

In 1982, British troops travelled 8000 miles to reinforce their territory of the Falkland Islands during ten intense weeks of fighting. This Quarter Sovereign commemorates the bravery of both the British soldiers and the Falkland Islanders.

Struck to the highest proof quality, the Falklands Conflict Quarter Sovereign features the Coat of Arms of the Falkland Islands set upon a cartouche with scrolls. The arms are mounted on a Compass Rose- this links the Islands with the exploratory and seafaring traditions of the British Isles, as well as associating the arms with the distinctive geographical location of the islands in the South Atlantic.



A masterpiece expertly crafted in 22-carat gold.

For a limited time only, one Falklands Conflict Quarter Sovereign is reserved for:

Please let us know urgently if you are interested in more information about your
Falklands Conflict Quarter Sovereign


Fully endorsed by Falklands Conflict Veteran Simon Weston CBE, we are anticipating a significant interest in this stunning limited edition Falklands Conflict Quarter Sovereign, and so we urge you to order yours today.

  • Struck in remembrance of many acts of great courage and sacrifice.
  • A stunning commemoration to the legacy of the Falkland Islanders and their right to live in peace
  • Struck in 22-carat Gold and to the highest Proof quality


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